Are you looking for good restaurants in and around Dublin CA? If so, you have come to the right place. Whatever your reasons are for searching the best restaurants in Dublin, CA, the restaurants we have mentioned below will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger and leave you hungry for more. These restaurants are head and shoulders above their contemporaries when it comes to providing healthy and delicious food with exemplary service. And, they deserve all the recognition they get for their endeavors. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the best restaurants in Dublin, CA.


Khyber Pass Kabob In Dublin CA

Khyber Pass Kabob

If you are craving for superb Afghan food, you should look no further than Khyber Pass Kabob. The restaurant is spacious and features a menu that caters to the needs and wants of many. Although the food there is priced moderately, it doesn’t lack in taste and quality. Some of the popular crowd favorites include the dishes Quabilee pallow, potato bolani, beef kabob, and chapli etc. Vegetarians can try the Borani bademjan (eggplant); the dish comes with a yoghurt base curry. This restaurant is an ideal setting for all occasions whether it be for a family dinner, a romantic dinner, or a business lunch. Directions

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Coco Cabana Dining Area

Coco Cabana Dining Area

Coco Cabana

If you are looking to try the majestic flavors of all Latin American countries, you should visit the restaurant, Coco Cabana. There is also a variety of beverages you can choose from while eating your food and some of them include mojitos, local wines, fresh fruit sangrias, and specialty cocktails, all doing an exceptional job of accentuating the bold taste of the food. When visiting Coco Cabana, you should consider trying their lamb lollipops, curry paella, and empanadas. Overall, the contemporary décor blended with wonderful food and beverages create a vibrant ambience in the restaurant. Directions

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Photo of Amakara - Dublin, CA, United States. Calm before the storm

Photo of Amakara – Dublin, CA, United States. Calm before the storm.


Not only is Amakara Sushi and Bar renowned for the Japanese cuisine it serves, the restaurant is also popular for its fresh décor, with the interiors masterfully done with the wines, spirits and sakes serving as showpieces. When in the restaurant, you can choose to either sit at the bar, the sushi bar, or the dining room. If you are looking for quality fresh seafood such as tempura teriyaki, tuna sliders and salmon, you should look no further than Amakara.  The restaurant is also known for its grilled edamame and Spicy Sesame Seared Tuna. While visiting the restaurant we would recommend you to wear an extra layer of clothing as the air conditioning there is usually high. Directions

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OH Pizza and Wings

Why should you visit OH Pizza and Wings? Well, the restaurant boasts of over 20 chicken wings sauces! And, did we also mention that the pizzas are cooked in a brick oven? In OH Pizza and Wings, you can feast on the food with beer and wine; there are 14 beers on tap! Some of the crowd favorites in the restaurant include the mango habanero wings, garlic parmesan, and gyro pizza. The best part about the restaurant is the fact that it does both the classic and specialty pizzas like Bianca, pesto veggie, chicken tikka masala, really well. Directions

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