LANAP® Laser Dentistry

LANAP® = Laser Assisted Regeneration (LAR)

Painless Laser Therapy For Gum Restoration

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Advanced periodontal disease in cases where the pocket is greater than 7mm has long needed a surgical solution to correct. With the advancements in dentistry including laser therapy, patients no longer have to undergo the cutting, sewing and often painful procedure that was used to correct gum disease, rebuild tissue, and help heal the gums.

LANAP® protocol is the newest addition to our Dublin dental office, and we couldn’t be happier to share this fantastic solution for eliminating gum disease and improving the health of our patients smile, without the need for cutting and suturing.

Why Choose All-In-One Dental Innovations For LANAP®?

Dr. James Huang and All-In-One Dental Innovations are committed to adding the latest technology and equipment to our Dublin office. The LANAP® protocol is just one more way we have introduced a pain-free method of treatment, that provides comfort to patients during gum recession therapy. Say goodbye to painful cutting and stitches. With LANAP®, we can target bad tissue optimizing the gums for healing from periodontal disease. What many of our patients enjoy about laser therapy versus the traditional method of treatment is the recovery time. The LANAP® has made long recovery times a thing of the past. 

At All-In-One Dental Innovations, it is our top priority to make our patients more comfortable throughout their visit, and during any procedures, they have done in our office. With LANAP®, we have removed much of the fear of treating periodontal disease in cases where gum erosion is present. This allows our patients to visit the office, have work done to fix the problem, and no longer be worried about the pain of surgery. With LANAP®, there is no scalp, no sutures, just getting rid of bad tissue, so that new tissue can flourish. 

Is LANAP® Right For You?

You might be questioning if the LANAP® procedure is right for you. Typically healthy normal gums will exhibit pockets between 1-3mm. As gum disease sets in the pocket increase. The early stages of gingivitis are noted at 4mm, while anything over 5mm is periodontal disease. The more significant and more profound the pocket, the more cause for concern that there is bone loss. If you don’t correct the problem, the bone loss will get worse, and the inevitable result can be tooth loss.

We recommend LANAP® for those that have 7mm+ pockets in a patient’s gums. Traditionally the method for repairing pockets with this great of a pocket including cutting and flapping the gums open, cleaning the debris and removing any diseased tissue. The problem here was that some of the healthy tissue would be targeted as well, in addition to having a long, painful healing time. But with LANAP®, only the bad tissue is targeted, while the healthy gum remains intact. What’s better than having a more accurate solution for treating gum disease? How about it is often more affordable! The cost of traditional surgery is usually more expensive due to needing anesthetic, time in operation, and other factors; this is not the case with laser therapy. In fact, most insurance companies will now cover the cost of having LANAP® now, because it is just as if not more effective.

Self-diagnosing periodontal disease isn’t always possible, but you can look for signs that your gums are in need of treatment. If you notice the gum pulling away from the tooth, bleeds when you brush it and is often inflamed or painful, visit All-In-One Dental Innovations as soon as you can to prevent further damage. 

Diseased, Sore, Receding Gums? We Have A Solution!

Are you tired of your gums hurting daily, or what your smile looks like because the gums are pulling away from your teeth? You aren’t alone. Periodontal disease is one of the top concerns for individuals around the world.

Those that haven’t been to the dentist in a while, those that smoke and those that do keep up on their regular at-home cleanings are more susceptible to gum disease. Unfortunately, this can lead to great problems such as tooth loss. If you are ready to take back the health of your smile, visit us today and learn how LANAP® can change your life.

A Healthier Smile – Without Any Pain

Have you been nervous about taking care of an active gum disease problem, because the idea of cutting and sewing the gums sounds frightening? You aren’t alone here either. The idea of having oral surgery can be overwhelming to some, enough that they put off having the services needed to have the best smile of their lives.

With LANAP®, there is no worry, because it doesn’t involve cutting or sewing, and is a pain-free solution to treating gum disease and helping to restore gum tissue.

Our Guarantee

Having treatment to stop the progression of gum disease is critical to your oral health. Let us reassure that you are in good hands with Dr. Huang and All-In-One Dental Innovations for all your dental needs. Patient care and comfort are a top priority for us, and with the use of LANAP® in office, we guarantee a faster recovery from periodontal disease treatment, with less pain and discomfort.


Does LANAP® regenerate bone?

LANAP® is the only FDA cleared laser surgery that has been proven to help regenerate bone growth. The laser protocol is a cutting edge tool that assists patients with building healthy bone tissue. We recommend this for those that are considering dental implants, or those that would like to stop the progression of bone loss.

Is LANAP® surgery

Yes! In many cases, LANAP® is an approved treatment for periodontal disease, and the insurance company will pay for it. This may vary based on your provider, but our office can check before beginning treatment to find out if you are covered. 


Is LANAP® surgery painful?

No. There might be minor discomfort associated with LANAP®, but nowhere near that of the traditional surgical solution. Most of our patients have expressed there is much less pain with the laser therapy versus conventional, and the healing and healing time was much better.

Does LANAP® cure gum disease?

Yes. LANAP® is highly effective at treating gum disease for a few reasons. Because the laser only targets the unhealthy, diseased tissue, the good tissue remains untouched. This allows the gums to heal from the disease. The laser approach will also slow or completely stop attachment loss and decrease pocket depth.

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