Single Tooth Replacement

All In One Dental Innovations can replace individual teeth. We offer state-of-the-art solutions that will help you get the function and beauty of your smile back.

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Need To Replace A Missing Tooth? All-In-One Dental Innovations Can Help!

Losing a tooth, or having multiple missing teeth do more than you might think. If you already have a lost tooth, chances are you aren’t feeling very confident about your smile. Perhaps you have been putting off visiting the dentist because you don’t want to draw attention to the problem.

Let All-In-One Dental Innovations put your mind at ease. We are here to help, not here to judge. We offer compassion and understanding that missing a tooth can be emotionally upsetting. That is why we offer the latest solutions for replacing individual teeth with implants. Implants are far and away the best choice for filling gaps in the smile due to a missing tooth.

Our team lead by James Huang DMD, works closely with patients, listen to their concerns and develop a treatment option that achieves the goals they desire. With implants, we are confident you will love the results. Not only for how comfortable they feel, but also how natural they will look blending with your other teeth.

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Single Tooth Replacement With Implants

An implant is more than just the artificial tooth you see. It starts with a titanium post that is surgically installed into the jawbone; this is called an endosteal implant. Once the post has been placed, an abutment is attached, and the crown can be screwed on. With the use of a single implant for each tooth, it ensures a better level of support for permanent results.

Why Choose Implants For Tooth Replacement?

Sure there are a few options that are available to you for tooth replacement like bridges, but implants are considered the gold standard and for good reasons. One of the most significant downsides to bridges are they are reliant on the adjacent teeth for support. You do have options whether or not they are removable or fixed, but the attachment is virtually the same. If the teeth next to the missing tooth aren’t healthy, you may find that bridges aren’t a viable option. Bridges, over time, can actually damage the teeth around them causing premature decay. But replacing a missing tooth is better than no action at all. Allowing a gap in your smile to go untreated can cause alignment issues as well as crooked teeth from shifting.

With implant procedures, there is no concern about the neighboring teeth. Their support comes from the post installed into the jaw bone. The bone acts as the supporting structure and anchor for the restorative artificial tooth. With bridges, it is common practice to shave down the adjacent teeth to fit the bridge. Replacing individual teeth with implants allows for a long-term solution to missing teeth that is considered permanent. How permanent? An implant can last a lifetime, if you care for it properly, listen to your dentist’s instruction, and avoid certain foods that could damage the crown.

Same-Day Solutions For Missing Teeth

For some of our patients, they are looking for a solution to replacing a missing tooth due to needing an extraction. When a tooth breaks or is no longer salvageable, an extraction may be performed to remove the tooth, eliminate pain, and stop surrounding teeth from damage. If you need to have a removal done, it is likely your dentist has discussed the possibilities for replacement. The excellent news for our patients is we can solve the problem the same day.

If you have an extraction performed, we can insert the dental implant in the same visit and fit with a restorative crown. In most cases, there is no need to wait. Dr. Huang will do an examination beforehand, taking digital x-rays, and asses the bone density to find if you are a candidate for dental implants.

With same-day implants, there is no need for addition incisions, making it a minimally invasive procedure. One of our primary focuses at All-In-One Dental Innovations is pain-free dentistry. We are committed to giving patients the best experience with as little pain as possible while providing them with outstanding results.

Natural Looking & Comfortable Solutions

When considering implants, you may have a few reservations — one of the first being cost. Implants are more expensive versus bridges, but cost shouldn’t be the only factor that weighs into your decision. Most patients find that the investment in dental implants far exceeds the price, and would recommend implants over bridges to anyone looking for replacements. If curious about what implants can do for you, check out these other amazing benefits of having the procedure done.

  • More comfortable than bridges.
  • More secure than removable bridges.
  • Extremely natural appearance.
  • A custom-made crown that simulates a natural tooth.
  • Same-day implant with crown available Safe.
  • A very high success rate of 98%.
  • A permanent solution to missing teeth.

Advanced & Minimally Invasive Procedures

While it might sound scary having an implant placed directly into the jawbone, let us reassure you, it is not as painful as it sounds. We take great care to make patients comfortable and are pleased to provide a minimally invasive procedure that allows us to achieve that goal. At All-In-One Dental Innovations, we state up to date on the latest advancements in dental implant techniques, which makes us the best choice for restorative dentistry in Dublin.


Our Guarantee To You

We are confident you will love the results. No matter if you need a single tooth or several, dental implants offer many great benefits that other replacements do not. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have, to ensure you are 100% comfortable with your decision.

Dental Implant Parts
How A Missing Tooth Can Affect You

Missing just one tooth can affect a person in more ways than you might think. One of the first concerns a person might have is how others will view them if they have a missing tooth.

This knocks their confidence down substantially, primarily if the missing tooth is located in the front where it is completely visible anytime you smile or talk.

With implants, you can regain your confidence and smile as much as you’d like without worry someone is staring at the gap.

A Perfect Smile You Will Love!

With individual implants, no one will know you have an artificial tooth.

With Dr. Huang and his team, we create a beautiful restorative crown that matches your existing teeth for a seamless fit.

We will match the color and shape of your other teeth, thereby completely restoring your smile, with a more comfortable fit that will feel very similar to the rest of your teeth.

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Getting a beautiful, full smile begins with contacting our office. We offer innovative approaches to tooth replacement including dental implants that can improve your smile in just one day.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist, its time to take action, and get the smile you not only want but deserve. Give us a call today at (925) 828-9811 or request your appointment online.


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