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What is a Smile Makeover & How Can Dublin Residents Feel More Confident?

Most of the time, modern dentistry is a combination of art and use. A lot of procedures serve two functions, improving the quality of a patient’s smile and improving their oral health. These types of procedures are known as a smile makeover.

Smile makeovers can include a variety of oral surgery procedures, such as dental implants, extractions, and bone grafts. All of these procedures serve the purpose of repairing existing damage and preventing further damage or disease. They also improve the look of a patient’s teeth by creating a natural and gorgeous smile.

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Patients who live in California in the Dublin, Pleasanton & San Ramon areas and are not happy with their smiles should schedule an appointment with All-In-One Dental. Dr. James Huang and his team at All-In-One Dental offer a wide range of cosmetic and functional dental procedures that will fix a patient’s smile and improve their oral health simultaneously.

Dr. Huang specializes in pain-free dentistry, so all of these procedures are performed as painlessly as possible. The team at All-In-One Dental and Dr. Huang understand that patients need to feel confident with their smiles and that their oral health is important too.

What Would a Smile Makeover Procedure Consist Of?

There are two categories of smile makeovers: smile makeovers and smile enhancements. Smile enhancements usually mean minor repairs and procedures that are designed to fix the appearance of a patient’s smile versus repairing any damage.

On the other hand, smile makeovers mean surgical procedures that fix more serious problems and improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. Some of the procedures that are in the smile makeover category are:

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants give patients their confidence back because they complete a smile. They can replace one or many teeth, and they are more comfortable, permanent and normal looking than other options to replace broken or missing teeth. For one implant, a natural looking crown will be used. If a patient has a bridge or dentures, getting implants can be an upgrade, and they can last for 25+ years.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

No one wants to lose a tooth or have one extracted, but there are many reasons one cannot be saved and has to be extracted. Dr. Huang works hard to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible, and he specializes in pain-free dentistry. This comforts patients and reduces the discomfort as much as possible. It can be necessary to extract a tooth for a variety of reasons including damage, decay and more.
Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

This procedure can be necessary after a patient has one or more teeth removed. Your dentist is going to make sure the removal area is maintained and that is done by doing a bone graft procedure. Once the tooth is removed, Dr. Huang will pack the tooth socket with a material that is made up of human bone pieces. After the socket has been packed, it will be covered with a special membrane and closed until the socket heals up correctly. This helps maintain the bone structure in the socket and surrounding area.

All of these procedures help repair broken or missing teeth, and this helps prevent future health issues. Also, these procedures have cosmetic benefits, and repairing them fixes a patient’s mouth. By repairing missing or broken teeth, it makes a patient feel less embarrassed and more confident about having a natural looking smile after a smile makeover.

What are the Benefits of a Smile Makeover?

Patients have a lot of reasons to choose to have a smile makeover. Some of these reasons can include wanting to feel more confident with their smile and the health benefits. The benefits of a smile makeover include:

More Self-Confidence
Patients that have missing or damaged teeth might be self-conscious about their smile. When they get a smile makeover, it can make them feel better about their teeth and smile, which can lead to increased self-confidence.
Improved Oral Health
Even though these procedures are considered to be cosmetic dentistry, they still have health benefits. When a person has missing or damaged teeth, it can cause infection, jaw damage or more damage to remaining teeth. Once the issue is addressed, the better it is for their health.
A Natural Looking Smile

When a person has missing or broken teeth, it can affect the look of their smile. When these issues are fixed, it makes the teeth look natural and creates a beautiful and natural looking smile.

Avoids Further Damage
When a tooth is broken and is not treated for a long time, it can increase the risk of more damage. If a partially broken tooth turns into a fully broken tooth, this means the whole tooth would have to be removed. A missing tooth needs to be replaced so that it does not lead to teeth moving and health issues with the remaining teeth and the appearance of the mouth and the remaining teeth.

Deciding to Have a Smile Makeover

If you live in the Dublin, CA area and are unhappy with how your teeth and smile look and think that you would benefit from a smile makeover, then you should make an appointment with All-In-One Dental. When you come in for your consult, Dr. Huang and his team will examine your teeth, so they can determine the best individualized plan. We know that each patient needs to be treated as an individual and deserves a different course of care. Our team works very hard to make sure that the treatment plan is right for you.

If all of us come to the conclusion that a smile makeover is the best plan, rather than a less invasive smile enhancement procedure, then all of us will meet to discuss the plan and the next steps. The procedures involved in a smile makeover can involve oral surgery which can take different amounts of time and a recovery period. We will walk you through all of the procedures, the recovery process and schedule follow-up appointments.

Women Smiling After Dental Procedure
If our plan includes cosmetic dentistry, then we will have to evaluate your health. This includes the health of the gums, remaining teeth, and jawbone; all of these factors help us determine if a patient is a good candidate for various procedures. An example of this is if a patient needs a dental implant, we would have to determine how healthy the jawbone is. We have to evaluate all aspects of a patient’s oral health to determine if they are a good candidate for a specific procedure.

A smile makeover can consist of oral surgery and the recovery time for each procedure can vary; while some procedures can involve sutures, they will only take 10-14 days to dissolve and the disturbed area to heal. We will provide you with all of the specifics before and at the time of the procedure. We want to help turn the smile you imagined into a reality, and make sure that you can have a life where you do not have to worry about your smile. If you do not like your results for any reason, we have a money back guarantee.

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