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Why your Dublin dentist may suggest a bone graft.

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What is dental bone grafting?

There are several different procedures or categories of dental bone grafts and it is highly important that the right procedure is chosen for you. If you have had one or a couple of teeth removed then your dentist is going to make sure that the removal area is preserved and this is done with a small bone graft procedure.

What Dr. Huang will do is pack the socket of the tooth with a material that is comprised of human bone granules. Once the socket has been packed it will then be covered with a special membrane and stitched until the socket itself heals up properly. Doing this will help preserve the bone structure within that area.

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What if I have missing teeth?

If you have lost the tooth or teeth several years ago, you may have already experienced some bone loss and will need to have it restored in order to have these teeth replaced. Dr. Huang will be required to open up the area where the bone loss has occurred and fill this area again with the bone graft granules.

In this case, depending on how much shrinkage has already occurred, Dr. Huang may want to use your own bone material for the building up of the area. This can be taken from another area of the jaw and most often is taken from where the wisdom teeth originally were.

A more complex form of dental bone grafting is comprised of a situation when there is not a good basis for being able to restore the teeth because there are several teeth that have been missing for a long period of time.

Many individuals that have had dentures, will find that over a period of time, their lower jaw has shrunken to the point that their dentures do not fit properly any longer. Dentures may no longer be the successful alternative and they may have to opt to have dental implants, which means a more extensive bone graft will have to be performed.

Dentures may no longer be the successful alternative and they may have to opt to have dental implants, which means a more extensive bone graft will have to be performed.

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Why would Dr. Huang suggest a bone graft?

There are many different types of dental procedures that All In One Dental Innovations, makes available to those living in Dublin CA. You may have come to the decision that it’s time to get those dental repairs done that you are in need of. You may find that after your first examination, Dr. Huang might tell you that he recommends you have a bone graft procedure done. This may be a shock to you and might even seem scary at first. Even if you may not know a lot about bone grafting, it has been commonly performed. Many people might not know this but many years ago when a person needed dentures, a bone graft was often performed beforehand, in order to make sure the dentures would fit the mouth properly.

Bone grafting is now done alongside growing technology, for a variety of reasons. Bone grafting is commonly used in situations where dental implant procedures are going to be utilized and extra work has to be done on the bone structure in order for this procedure to be successful.


Why is bone grafting needed?

Bone grafting makes more sense when you understand that it is your jaw bone that is responsible for keeping your teeth in their proper positions in your mouth. The roots are embedded into the gums but are surrounded by bone to keep them stable.

If you happen to lose a tooth or have some teeth removed, the bone for that area doesn’t have a job to do anymore as the roots have been extracted. The bone will begin to deteriorate and when it comes time for the new dental implant, the jaw bone is not properly structured to support it.

What has happened is that the bone in the area of the missing tooth or teeth, as well as the gum tissue, is now much lower than the rest of the teeth. This makes it difficult to be able to put an implant in that is going to be perfectly balanced with the rest of the teeth.


Having bone graft procedures performed properly

No matter which level of bone grafting has to be performed, it should be done by a qualified specialist who is well trained in this area of, what is classified as, minor dental surgery. Dr. Huang is a qualified dentist that has many years of experience and is highly skilled in the various levels of bone grafting. He has provided this service effectively and efficiently for many clients within the Dublin area. It is important for this procedure to be precise and that it is carried out with the utmost care. When done successfully, it can provide the desired results with a minimal amount of discomfort to the patient.

What are the benefits of bone grafting

  • Bone grafting allows for the restoration of the bones that very important for the teeth.
  • This procedure can help to ward off gum disease or further damage to the teeth.
  • It is an ideal way to preserve the bone structure when teeth have been lost.
  • A bone grafting allows the patient to have beautiful looking implants or dentures that fit securely.
  • Bone grafting sets the foundation for the rest of the work that Dr. Huang may need to do in the near future.


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While you may be aware that you may need bone grafting, this treatment shouldn’t be prolonged because of your fear or concerns of it being a painful and complex procedure. Dr. Huang is very experienced with this type of dental treatment and will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

It is a big step that you need to take to maintain facial structure, have healthy teeth, and a beautiful looking smile. So call and request your appointment today and look forward to having a great dental experience that’s going to provide you with many benefits. You can also request an appointment online.

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