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If you need work done on one of your crowns or you want to fix the aesthetics of a “gummy” smile, you may need to undergo crown lengthening. You can reach out to Dr. James Huang at All In One Dental. Set up an appointment online to get started on improving your smile!

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a procedure where your dentist exposes more of the tooth by reshaping and cutting away bone and gums. It may be a byproduct of other procedures; for example, If your crown is fractured, then a periodontist or dentist may cut through your gums to access more of the tooth and place a crown or a filling. If you go in for scaling and root planing, your dentist may recommend crown lengthening as well.

But crown lengthening may not always be used in conjunction with another procedure–you may opt to have it done for cosmetic reasons. Some people have more gum showing than enamel when they smile, so they may want to remedy that.

“This is a fantastic, clean and professional facility. The dentist does not try to force sell anything. Very pleased. It is really a breath of fresh air to be able to get work done without getting pressured. He is very gentle and he got rid of an issue that I had tried to get another dentist to do years ago and they wanted to do other stuff ‘first’. I can’t say enough good things about this provider. Highly recommend, and I hate dentists.” 🙂

Ginger B.

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What are the benefits of crown lengthening?

  • Crowns and fillings can be placed easily because the dentist has more structure to work with
  • Uneven smiles are placed with more symmetrical ones
  • Gummy smiles can be fixed to show more enamel
  • Patients can improve their appearance and self-confidence
  • No touch-ups are required and the treatment can usually be done in one visit


So how much is too much gum tissue? One dentist may say that as little two millimeters of gum is too much, while others may say four or five. Ultimately a patient will be the deciding factor–if they don’t like how much gum is exposed, then a dentist like Dr. Huang can talk to them about crown lengthening. Patients that go in for this procedure are often seen with malocclusions, short philtrums (between the nose and upper lip) and distinct cupid’s bows (the curve of the lip).


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What happens during the procedure?

Again, this treatment can be completed at your dentist’s office in one visit. However, you may need to come in a couple of times so that the dentist can review your medical history and take x-rays. If you aren’t just getting crown lengthening for cosmetic purposes, your dentist may insert a temporary crown to protect the tooth. A temporary crown can also increase efficiency since it shows for the dentist which soft tissue needs to be left alone and which needs reshaping.When you go in for the surgery, your dentist may do

When you go in for the procedure, Dr. Huang may want to perform teeth cleaning first. Once your teeth are clean, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to the gums and tooth he or she will be working on. Once you’re numb, the dentist will make surgical cuts around the gums and reshape them so more enamel is exposed. Sometimes gum and bone is excised.

When the dentist is satisfied with the crown lengthening, he or she will rinse the area and stitch up any tissue that may need it. It may take a few months for the site to completely heal, during which time, your dentist may prepare another crown or filling (for non-cosmetic cases) for the lengthened tooth.


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