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Invisalign isn’t just for children, adults in Dublin can have their teeth straightened too!

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Most residents in Dublin, CA would love a bright smile and straight teeth. There are many ways your dentist Dr. James Huang can approach this but one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods is with Invisalign. Consider Invisalign the modern day braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is comprised of a series of invisible aligners that are made specifically for you to wear that will straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a form of braces but Invisalign is discreet, which is one of the many reasons why Invisalign has become so popular and is widely recognized for its success when it comes to straightening teeth. Conventional braces are metal and contain brackets that stand out and contain rubber bands, colors, and can not be hidden. This is what sets Invisalign apart from conventional braces and why they may even be considered the modern day braces.

“This is a fantastic, clean and professional facility. The dentist does not try to force sell anything. Very pleased. It is really a breath of fresh air to be able to get work done without getting pressured. He is very gentle and he got rid of an issue that I had tried to get another dentist to do years ago and they wanted to do other stuff ‘first’. I can’t say enough good things about this provider. Highly recommend, and I hate dentists.” 🙂

Ginger B.

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Choosing the right Invisalign provider in Dublin, CA

When you are choosing someone to trust to straighten your teeth, you should choose someone who has many years of education and experience working with the program that will be implemented for you. Dr. James Huang has many credentials within the dental industry and has been practicing in the Dublin, Pleasanton, & San Ramon area for several years. Among his many specialties, Dr. Huang is recognized as a Preferred Invisalign Provider.


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What Does the Procedure Consist of?

During your initial consultation, it will be determined if this treatment is the right one for you. During this time the Doctor will discuss each step of the procedure, what the costs will be, and what you can expect. If you agree to the terms and want to get started with Invisalign, you will be examined and have x-rays taken. Followed will be molded impressions of your teeth. The information from the x-rays and the mold taken will be used to make a 3-D impression. Dr. Huang will use this data to provide your customized treatment plan. He will be able to determine exactly how and where your teeth should move and align for a perfect smile.

The next step is to have the aligners made specifically for you. About every two weeks, new aligners are inserted to keep up with the changes that are taking place after your teeth are shifting. You will need to be monitored throughout the process to ensure that you are making sufficient progress and Dr. Huang will see you for checkups approximately every six weeks. As an adult, you can expect it to take up to about a year before the Invisalign treatment has been fully successful, although it will vary slightly with each individual.

This may seem like a long time but these aligners are invisible and are designed to be extremely comfortable. You will hardly notice them and wearing them will be much easier than wearing conventional braces.


Why Having Straight Teeth is So Important

Most people with crooked teeth desire to have them straightened for cosmetic purposes. What some don’t realize is that crooked teeth can also cause an array of health problems. Misaligned teeth can cause gum disease. It is very difficult for an individual to be able to clean their teeth properly if the teeth are poorly aligned. This creates a great risk for tooth decay. If the misalignments in the teeth are severe enough, it can put the teeth at risk for being damaged. On top of this, it can make it very difficult to chew food properly which can lead to digestive problems.

Having crooked teeth can lead to some psychological issues as well. A lot of people who suffer with this dental problem are self-conscious and embarrassed about it and sometimes may not want to go out in public or socialize as much. It can actually make someone depressed and affect their quality of life.


What are the benefits of Invisalign?

  • Adults can take advantage of what Invisalign has to offer also.
  • Crooked teeth can become straight and aligned again.
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They don’t interfere with your daily life.
  • They don’t draw attention to your appearance as they are almost invisible.
  • You can easily remove them so you can brush your teeth.
  • They are made from safe BPA plastic which means there is no irritation while wearing them.
  • You can eat and drink normally when wearing Invisalign and it doesn’t interfere with your chewing.
  • It doesn’t create a metallic taste in your mouth.


What you can expect after the Invisalign process is complete

Once Dr. Huang has taken you through the complete Invisalign treatment, you are going to look in the mirror and be amazed by the results. During the time of treatment, you are consistently going to be noticing some great changes. The final outcome is what is going to impress you the most. You are going to find that you automatically smile more now and that you are not dealing with insecurity when talking to people about your teeth. You will most likely find that your confidence level is going to go way up, and may find yourself wanting to socialize more because you feel good about yourself. Don’t forget that you are going to reap the health benefits that come with your teeth straightening!


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