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Tooth Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. All In One Dental in Dublin, CA offers all types of dental fillings to best serve your individual needs. We hope you find this page informative. If you have any more questions after reading further about cosmetic fillings, please don’t hesitate to call our office today at

What are dental fillings?

Fillings are a way to help restore a tooth that is damaged, back to their original function and shape. The decay is removed from the tooth, the affected area is then cleaned, and the tooth is then filled in with a filling material. By filling the tooth with a filling material, it prevents bacteria from getting into the tooth and also helps prevent further decay from happening. There are various filling materials and colors that you can choose from. Dr. Huang will be happy to discuss with you which filing option is best for your individual needs and preferences.

“This is a fantastic, clean and professional facility. The dentist does not try to force sell anything. Very pleased. It is really a breath of fresh air to be able to get work done without getting pressured. He is very gentle and he got rid of an issue that I had tried to get another dentist to do years ago and they wanted to do other stuff ‘first’. I can’t say enough good things about this provider. Highly recommend, and I hate dentists.” 🙂

Ginger B.

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How do you know if you need a composite filling?

Some of the reasons you might need fillings can come from the following:

  • Trauma to the teeth.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Decay that is eating the tooth away.
  • A gap between teeth that needs to be filled.
  • Normal wear and tear that can happen after time.
  • Cavities.


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What are the different types of tooth fillings and what are they used for?

There are four different types of fillings that can be used. The four options are gold, amalgam (silver), composite resins (plastic and natural tooth color), and porcelain (matched to your natural tooth color). The differences between these four fillings are:

  • Gold fillings – are tolerated very well in most patients. These can last upward of 20 years. Since it can last for so long, many patients consider this the best type of filling to have. The downside of gold fillings, however, are that they are among the most expensive and these cannot be applied in one visit and multiple visits are required.
  • Amalgam (silver) fillings – are generally very resistant to wear and tear and are the most affordable. The problem with this filling is that the material is very dark. Since the contrast is so big against natural white teeth, they are usually not used in visible areas such as in front teeth.
  • Composite resins (plastic) – are made to match the natural color of your teeth and to appear natural. These are used when a natural look is desired and commonly used in front teeth fillings. These are not the best however for large fillings. They are plastic so they can chip and crack over time. They also can be stained fairly easily by certain drinks and tobacco use. These last roughly from three – ten years.
  • Porcelain (natural color) – are often referred to as outlays or inlays. These can be color matched to your teeth and are made to resist against staining from certain drinks and tobacco use. The negative from this filling material is that it is very expensive and the cost is much like the gold cost.


Is receiving a cosmetic filling a lengthy procedure?

No. Fillings are one of the most commonly practiced procedures among dentists. You will have novocaine placed on your gum to numb it before you get the local anesthetic administered. After this novocaine gets you fairly numb, Dr. Huang will then inject the novocaine into your gum to guarantee you won’t feel a thing during the entire process. The decay is scraped out of the tooth, it is cleaned, and then the filling material is placed into the tooth. After the material is placed in your tooth and is bonded to your tooth, your tooth will then be polished. This guarantees that the area surrounding the filling will not be rough and will be smoothed out and will look shiny to match the rest of your teeth. This is a fairly quick procedure and is done most often in under an hour.


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There are different materials that can be used in different situations and should be discussed with Dr. Huang before deciding which filling is best for you. Fillings can be done to repair decay, to fix cracks/chips in teeth, or can simply be used for cosmetic purposes to help better the appearance of teeth. Call our dentist office today at to schedule a consultation with Dr. Huang to discover the best option for your teeth! You can also request an appointment online! It is EASY!


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