Seeing you here, it appears that you are looking for a park in Dublin, CA that boasts of all the amenities to keep both you and your family entertained. While selecting a park, you should ensure that the park has something for everyone. It will need to have facilities to keep your children entertained and must also boast of amenities to keep the adults busy. Have a look at some of the best parks Dublin, CA has to offer. You can bet your bottom dollar that these parks are well worth your visit!


Emerald Glen Park In Dublin CA

Emerald Glen Park In Dublin CA

Emerald Gren Park

The Emerald Gren Park delivers on its promise; it offers the visitors the opportunity to indulge in all kinds of activities. It truly has something for everyone. Some of the amenities the park boasts of include tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, a skate park and restrooms. In addition to that, the park also has a water splash park for the kids. And, if you are looking to enjoy picnic with your relatives, you will not be disappointed by the shaded areas and picnic tables. You will be ecstatic to know that the park hosts farmers market each Thursday from April through September. Therefore, you can splurge on fresh vegetables too during your visit there. Directions


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Kolb Park in the East Bay Area

Kolb Park in the East Bay Area

Kolb Park

Albeit a little smaller than Emerald Gren Park, Kolb Park is still a wonderful destination nonetheless. The park features three different play structures all designed specifically for children of various age groups. You can also use the mini picnic tables installed strategically all over the park; the picnic tables have been placed in a strategical way to help you keep your eye on the kids while they are on the playgrounds. Some of the other notable amenities that are provided in the park include a jogging path, scattered park benches, BBQ pits and tennis courts. Directions


Mape Memorial Park

The Mape Memorial Park is spread over an area of 2.6 acres. Therefore, it has plenty of grass for your kids and pets to run around in. The availability of picnic benches all around also ensures that you have a wonderful picnic experience. The play grounds in the park feature baby swings, tire swings, bucket swings, a beach volleyball court and big kid swings. The area is also big enough to host soccer matches. Named after a local veteran hero, the Mape Memorial Park truly caters to the needs of people of all age groups. Directions

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Ted Fairfield Park

The community park, Ted Fairfield Park is clean, spacious and completely safe as there are patrol cars that regularly visit the area because of the elementary and middle schools in the vicinity. Some of the amenities this park features include a sand volleyball court, water fountain, walking trails, mini slides and clean bathrooms. The park also boasts of a full court basketball section. Is there something for the toddlers? Yes, there is a kids´ playground area that has more than enough features to keep your toddlers busy. If you are looking for the ideal location to keep your children entertained, the Ted Fairfield Park is a safe bet. Directions


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