So what are some of the things you should look for when selecting a dentist? We’re here to help. Use this list to find some of the best qualities in dentists and oral surgeons, and make your decision from there.


A Solid Warranty

This is special for a dentist’s office. While many oral care practitioners do not offer warranties, try to find an office that strives to make the patient feel completely at ease. At our office, you’ll be able to take comfort in our warranty. We’re happy to help our patients.


Respect, Honesty, and Understanding

It’s of the upmost importance that a dentist treats his or her patients with compassion and respect. We value our patients, and therefore believe in treating them like friends and family. At All In One Dental, we only recommend procedures and treatments that we would recommend to one of our own loved ones. In addition, a good dentist will value honesty, and provide truthful answers when it comes to your oral care questions.


Prompt Service

Your time is valuable. When selecting a dentist, be sure to find one who stresses the important of keeping to a schedule. Dental staff should be dedicated to providing propt and quality service. To ease even the slightest amount of wait, we offer internet stations and complementary beverages within our waiting area.


Top of the Line Technology

You have a right to know what’s going on in regards to your oral care and health. At All In One Dental, our top-of-the-line equipment allows us to show patient all of the dental problems that require treatment. Using the most innovative digital x-rays and intraoral camera technologies, we’re able to show patients exactly what’s going on in his or her mouth.


Communication with the Patient

A good dentist will be able to answer a patient’s questions with clarity and compassion. We believe in straight talk, and giving patients honest and understandable answer. While we strive to serve our patients in every way possible, we will provide a number of resources if your dental treatments require visits to outside specialists. We are grateful to be chosen as your dental home.

These are just some of the many things you’ll want to take into consideration when selecting your family dentist. Here at Dr. Huang’s office, we strive to offer our patients the best service possible. It’s of the upmost importance that our patients feel safe and comfortable when visiting the office. If you’re looking for a quality dentist, please consider All In One Dental.


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