There are many questions associated with LANAP® technology especially with regards to how it works and how it compares to traditional treatments. How effective is LANAP® surgery? How does it work? 

These are just some examples of questions that a patient may ask before participating in the is LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery procedure although most answers to these questions are provided in the name of a procedure called LANAP®. LANAP® refers to Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It encourages attachment of healthy gum tissues to bone in your mouth and jaw.  A new attachment to your teeth following LANAP® laser gum surgery is called a LANAP® laser treatment and encourages the efficient and effective expression of teeth after treatment. This is important as it prevents the progression of periodontal or gum disease which exposes parts of your gums (that have been infected or that are prone to damaging) to normal attachment preventing them against loosening. 

Loosening your teeth is something that you don’t want to deal with. That said, knowledge of gum diseases such as gingivitis gives you an upper hand when it comes to dealing with treatment strategies. Using traditional means for periodontal treatment relies on natural gum healing processes that take a long period to activate. As an alternative, you may opt for LANAP® to assist in gum treatment. The good thing about LANAP® treatment is that it stimulates healthy gum tissues at a faster rate. At All in 1 Dental, we are proud to say that we are LANAP® certified meaning that our team of qualified and well-experienced professionals will use LANAP® Laser technology to restore your beautiful smile.

LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery

The traditional way to treat advanced periodontal diseases requires that dentists use scalpels to surgically remove diseased gum areas in an attempt to reach the most infected pockets in your gums or bones. As much as this traditional approach is effective and takes a short recovery time, it is invasive and is required to cause much discomfort and pain during healing. The effectiveness of LANAP® is shown through its ability to precisely eliminate diseased tissues that are distinguishable from healthy tissues due to its darker color alongside a specific light frequency. Essentially, LANAP® laser gum surgery is meant to kill any bacteria in the mouth and encourage tissue growth as well as fast healing of the gums. The removal of tissues as well as the restoration process is done with lots of ease for a better path towards healing.

How effective is LANAP® Surgery?

LANAP® surgery has been proven to have a huge success rate when compared to traditional surgery with fewer instances of tooth loss after a complete procedure. It is a viable dental procedure that restores wholesome health for the gums; increasing attachment of new tissue between the gums and the bones as well as regeneration of gums especially for periodontal oral complications.

LANAP® laser gum surgery stands out as it offers sustainable outcomes in the long run with lesser cases of periodontal disease recurrence when compared to alternative dental procedures such as osseous surgery. These desirable outcomes are a result of LANAP® laser that eliminates all traces of bacteria associated with gum diseases and increased regrowth of gum tissues which secures the entire tooth structure including the bone and the root from future complications of similar nature. Research also proves that for a LANAP® patient, it is easier to resume routine oral care practices as the healing process is fast with lesser pain.  


Is LANAP® Surgery Scientifically Proven To Foster Gum and Bone Regrowth?

The best medical solutions create an ideal condition for a speedy natural healing process in patients. This is exactly what LANAP® laser does to promote your body’s regenerative ability hence long-term solution to gum complications.

Perhaps the highlight feature for LANAP® surgery is the timely recovery period as the procedure does not involve cutting and sewing procedures. LANAP® laser technology used sterilizes the gum area to guarantee proper healing while the regulated light frequency used in the procedure promotes the growth of new tissue around the gums and the bone. 

With the milestones made in advancing LANAP® laser gum surgery, there is clinical proof of bone regeneration for modern-day patients. Medical researchers are however seeing even better solutions to attain complete bone regeneration. LANAP® surgery is turning around gum disease patient’s dental experiences offering ready solutions to complications that were traditionally deemed untreatable.


To learn more about LANAP® surgery, talk to a dental expert today to establish the best treatment strategy suited to your immediate needs. You will get clear answers and instructions on things to do before and after treatment for a fast recovery. Dental care has advanced tremendously with modern technology, ask your dentist about laser surgery if you suffer from gum disease.