Cosmetic dentistry has numerous options for improving the look of anyone’s smile. From replacing missing teeth to fixing imperfections like chips, your dentist can completely transform the appearance of your teeth and gums. But one service offered through some dental offices can brighten tooth enamel better than any other product on the market, revealing a substantially whiter smile.

Zoom®️ Teething whitening is a revolutionary system used to eliminate discolorations of the teeth restoring a patient’s smile. Dental offices offer this service that lasts approximately 90-minutes and has claims of lifting up to seven shades in one office visit. The Zoom®️ whitening process differs from other systems like trays because it allows for more patient customization.


What is Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening


Benefits of Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening

Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening from Phillips is considered the best way to lift stains, and many dentists regard it as the gold standard for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening will work for anyone and can be used for some discoloration issues. For instance, those that have porcelain crowns the surrounding teeth will become discolored while the crown remains unaffected. With Zoom®️ bleaching, your dentist can target the areas that need to be lightened versus an all over bleach that may make certain areas lighter than others resulting in a splotchy whitening effect. Other benefits of using Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening include:

  • Fast and Easy
  • Results Last up to Six Months
  • Customizable
  • Take Home Trays For Touch Ups
  • Only Takes 90 Minutes
  • Up To Seven Shades Lighter In One Visit
  • Safe


Why Do Teeth Get Discolored?

Teeth can become discolored for a few reasons. One of the most prevalent causes is from what a person eats or drinks. Items like tea, coffee, soda, wine, and heavily artificially colored foods can all affect the appearance of the teeth. But food and beverages are the only issues that can cause staining, habits like smoking are a top contributor of yellowing. Lastly, age and medications can play a role in making teeth appear dull lacking a brilliant white luster.


Discolored Teeth


Professional Teeth Whitening Versus Over The Counter Products

It’s no mystery that there are tons of products available in stores that make claims of producing professional results at a fraction of the cost. But how well do they work, and can they compete with the results you can get at your dental office? Does Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening work better for the cost?

Dentist in Franklin, Dr. Ryan M. Jones has said, “Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening has far superior results than that of over the counter whitening systems. Dentists can customize the teeth whitening service allowing every part of a tooth is covered, allowing for optimal results that just can’t be duplicated outside of the dental office.”

Over the counter teeth, whitening systems will not achieve the same level of results because the hydrogen peroxide percentage is significantly lower. This also translates into effects not lasting as long. If the sub-par results weren’t bad enough, many of the systems on the market are just plain awkward to use, not to mention time-consuming. When you compare these features to Zoom®️, it is clear to see why professional teeth whitening service is a preferred method. While some may say that the cost is significantly higher if you compare the results and how long the bleaching lasts, the professional system is well worth the investment.


Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening Process


How Does Zoom®️ Teeth Whitening Work: The Process

Many patients are curious about what happens during a teething bleaching service. Unlike the ones you would do at home where you apply strips or put in a tray, professional teeth whitening work much differently and uses special equipment to enhance the effects. Your dentist will have a Zoom®️ Advanced Power Chairside Lamp that is used to accelerate and activate the bleach, a 25% hydrogen peroxide solution, helping it work more effectively.

During the Zoom®️ Whitening process, the gel is applied for three sessions of 15 minutes each. After each session, the old solution is removed, and fresh whitening gel is used. After 15 minutes your dentist will look for areas that may not be lightening evenly and adjust the application accordingly. This is the unique part of having a professional teeth whitening done. Your dentist can make sure that you have an even lifting of stains and not blotchy results. Once the procedure is finished, patients will have a noticeably brighter whiter smile and in less two hours!


After Care

Your dentist will likely go over aftercare instruction before and after the treatment, but there are some good rules to follow. It is recommended that you don’t eat or drink anything for several hours following the bleaching treatment. In doing so, you may end up discoloring your teeth prematurely. Also, avoiding smoking is highly recommended. You will be sent home with a customized tray and product to help maintain the results for up to six months.