Historical places are simply a treasure cove of information. Therefore, you will explore, discover and learn a lot of things when on a visit to a historical place. Visiting a historical site will make you feel grateful for having access to plenty of effective, functional machines for your convenience. You will be more aware of how your ancestors lived and survived. There are a few historical places you must visit in Dublin, CA and some of them are;


Dublin Heritage Parks & Museums

If you are looking to visit a historical place in Dublin, CA, you must drop by the Dublin Heritage Park & Museums. Visiting the aforementioned location will help you learn about the city´s peculiar history and background. You will also know about the personalities that played an instrumental role in helping develop the city, with some of them even buried in the cemetery located within the premises. If you are looking to see ancient furniture and artifacts, you will not be disappointed.

The Dublin Heritage Park is spread over an area of 10 acres and it is cramped with historic buildings, a historic cemetery; the park also features areas reserved for picnickers. The two museums you can visit while on site are Kolb House and the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse. So, what is it about the Kolb House and the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse that make it worth your visit? Let us elucidate.


Murray Schoolhouse In Dublin, CA

Murray Schoolhouse located in Dublin

1856 Murray Schoolhouse

The 1856 Murray Schoolhouse was first built by early Dublin settlers in 1856. Previously, the place was located on Flanagan Lane. Unfortunately, the regular occurrence of floods propelled the residents to shift the house to Dublin Canyon Road, where it stood for over a century before modern house movers moved its location to the Dublin Heritage Park and Museum premises.  Currently a museum, the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse now seeks to tell the journey of three Irish teenagers who crossed the Atlantic to California to help build the community of Dublin, CA.

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The Kolb House

The Kolb House operates as a historic house museum that tells the story of an inspiring family that ran farming operations in Dublin, CA, in over 300 acres of land for over a century. The Kolb House was originally the home of a German immigrant, George Kolb, who moved to Dublin in 1880. In the Kolb House, you will see family pictures, personal items, and original period-style rooms. You will also get to witness the family´s own Arts and Crafts and Mission furniture. Directions

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Blackhawk Museum In Danville, CA

Blackhawk Museum In Danville, CA

Blackhawk Museum

If you are fascinated by cars and automobile, you should consider visiting the Blackhawk museum. The Blackhawk museum features an impressive collection of rare and peculiar automobile that dates back to the yesteryears. There are close to 90 vintage cars in the museum. A few years ago, the museum added another feather to its cap by adding a collection of North American artifacts named The Spirit of the Old West; the artifacts date back to the 19th Century. Directions




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