All In One Dental Innovations James Huang, DDS of All In One Dental Innovations is a top rated dentist in Dublin, CA. All In One Dental offers the best in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. Our specialties include dental implants and same day crowns with CEREC technology. We also offer pediatric and preventive dentistry treatment options. Stop by our dentist office today!,-121.921092,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xaccaf1d87d2f09a7?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiktrup6f7PAhUoiFQKHWEiAE4Q_BIIdjAK

Patient Testimonials

Robert L.

Review from Google+

"Friendly and helpful receptionist and staff. Dr. Huang is very professional and helpful. I have more work schedules, but enjoyed my first visit and really felt they have everything under control and my best interests in mind. A very rare experience for me with so many medical staff and professionals these days.

It pays to look around and carefully choose physicians rather than tolerate attitudes or incompetence. The office also makes good use of high-tech equipment and procedures."

Christina H.

Review from Yelp

"I came here for the 1st time and Dr. Huang did my check up and let me know a few concern and provided me lots of information and answer as well as what he suggested I should do. His assistant Rebecca did the cleaning and polishing and she was nice and sweet.

The receptionist Jennifer is the cutest and sweetest girl with lots of knowledge of information as well. I was impressed that she knew the information and was very helpful with insurance questions and booking me in advance.

Totally recommend this place and I called my friends to switch dentist since it's closer to home."

Rocio B.

Review from Google+

"Excellent bedside manner, super professional and knowledgeable, and the rest of people in this office really nice, I had a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dentist."

Eunice C.

Review from Facebook

"I just took my son that is 2 years old to see Dr. Huang at All in One Dental for his first cleaning ever last Thursday. Honestly, I was very nervous that my son will make a scene at the office because I know I don't like seeing a dentist. Dr. Huang was amazing with my son! My son walked in with a smile and walked out with an even more beautiful smile! Dr. Huang is amazing with kids!"

Annie D.

Review from Yelp

"100% happy with my experience here!!!

I just got out of my first cleaning as a new patient here and I am very impressed. I have a major fear of dentists, and the staff here made me feel so comfortable! They were all very kind, professional, and answered all of my questions. The facility is also very clean and I love that they had TVs in each room to keep me distracted 😉

I'd recommend this dentist office to anyone!"

Shelly C.

Review from Facebook

"Love All In One. Love the staff. And... for the first time in a very long time... starting to love my smile. Thanks James and staff."

Alina H.

Review from Yelp

"My kids and I have been regular patients over there for the past few years. Dr. Huang is a great doctor, very professional and dedicated. His staff is very friendly and courteous.

The regular dental visits are great, cleaning is always done very appropriately both for adults and kids. I had wisdom teeth extraction at all in one dental by a surgeon which went very smoothly. I trust Dr. Huang's opinion."

Melissa C.

Review from Yelp

"If you're looking for a dentist in Dublin, Dr. James is great. His staff and him never fail to him put my daughter and I. They know what they are doing and they always verify cost with my insurance company before treatments.

By the way, best polish ever from Jeremy! And the bonus, lots of TVs and perks in the office."

Sujit N.

Review from Yelp

"Great doctors and great service. Highly recommend it. Went in for a general consultation. It was good service."

Tamara H.

Review from Yelp

"Okay, let me start by saying that EVERYONE hates going to the DDS like going to the THE DMV. But I have hit the root of the jackpot. From  Harvard trained, friendly and comprehensive practitioner to his über friendly and knowledgeable staff: this is THE SPOT. The office is run like clockwork without the factory assembly feel. I'm getting ready to get my smile on. Porcelain crowns are done on site. This place is the Google of high-tech clinical dentistry. I'm home!"

Veronica R.

Review from Yelp

"One of the best experiences at a medical facility, ever! I found Dr. Huang and his little "hidden gem" on Yelp this morning. I called to schedule an emergency appointment due to severe tooth pain. I haven't been to the dentist in years (shame on me, I know), so I expected the worst: root canal. I couldn't believe my eyes, and luck, once I arrived at the office for my appointment.

Not only did I find a dentist that could schedule me for a same day appointment, who is also open on Saturday's, has a coffee bar/snack station, with professional, friendly,  courteous staff, and quick to see me - no waiting time, there's nothing wrong with my teeth! It's 100% severe sinus infection (who would've thought a sinus infection could cause that much pain to your teeth - I'm definitely missing my daily guilty pleasure of trail mix, and solid food, for that matter).

Dr. Huang and staff were equipped with newer technology to take xrays of my sinuses and teeth (based on the description of my symptoms, they used some machine that spins around your head instead of the normal xray procedure  - bonus: less radiation exposure with this cool contraption) to identify the cause of my pain. Within minutes of my films being ready, the doctor came in to tell me the "good news" about the cause of my agony not being my teeth. He even showed me the films and thoroughly explained what the heck we were looking at, instead of looking at images that could literally be ink blots for a psych evaluation. He gave me advice on how to try to mitigate an occurrence of getting, or prolonging, a sinus infection, prescribed meds, explained why he was prescribing the antibiotics he chose, shook my hand, and wished me well.

Of course I left elated that I didn't have to get all numbed up, drilled on, and mouth violated, and of course, I scheduled a follow up for a cleaning and exam for, yep, a Saturday! No more missing work to see the dreaded dentist. Maybe my luck is starting to be more like the luck of the Irish....his office is in Dublin after all!

Highly recommend this dentist!"

Beshoy L.

Review from Yelp

"From the moment I walked in this dentistry I knew I was going to let them take care of everything related to my oral health. From nice front desk ladies to the most advanced equipment and TVs in the ceiling for patients' convenience. The doctor is pretty talented and fast and I was pretty satisfied with my visit."

Jennifer S.

Review from Yelp

"I brought my both my kids here since it was close to my work, and they could be seen during their winter break which wasn't the case with their pediatric dentist.

Long story short, Dr. Huang and his staff have raised my expectations of the whole dentist experience, so much that my husband and I will be leaving our current dentist of 8 years. I'm glad we found a new family dentist."

Dennis C.

Review from Yelp

"I've recently relocated here from So-Cal and as such, I've had to let go my dentist of over 20 years.  Aretha Franklin's "I will survive" started running in my head but then I remembered there was All-in-One Dental.  A bunch of my family members live up here in norcal and I remembered they all went here.  

I was long overdue for a cleaning and check up so I figured I would go ahead and arrange an appointment.  The girl at the front desk was genuinely helpful and kind over the phone.  She got me setup right away with an appointment.  The coolest thing was I even got text messages confirming my appointment and reminder calls to make sure I remembered.  I forget things really easily with my hectic schedule so this was definitely helpful.  

I drove myself all the way from South SF but it was worth the drive.  I don't want to exaggerate things but after this experience, I will never look at other dentists offices the same again.  Dr. James and his staff were the most welcoming, friendly, and knowledgable ever.  Their equipment is so state of the art, I've never been able to see my own x-rays in such detail and have them explained to me was so cool too.  

The cleaning and exam was extremely thorough.  All the equipment was new and clean.  They really took their time and checked me out real good.  They even have this cool oral cancer screening device and luckily I was cancer free in my mouth lol!

Sometimes going to the dentist, or doctor can be really intimidating but the staff here really made me feel at home.  They really go the whole mile to make sure you are well taken care of and recommend honestly if there is anything that needs attention.  It's difficult to find a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly dental office but after coming here again, I am at peace because I have finally found the one."

Niro W.

Review from Google+

"We moved to the Pleasanton area about a year ago and choose Dr. Huang as our family dentist. Dr. Huang is awesome and his staff is very professional and great to work with. All of our visits have been a great experience!"

Megan L.

Review from Facebook

Probably the most beautiful and modern offices I have ever been to. They are all so sweet here and they have TV's on the ceiling (my favorite part).

If you're looking for a new dentist, look no further because everyone at All-In-One dental does an amazing job with amazing service.

Yuebing W.

Review from Yelp

"Just had one of my wisdom teeth extraction this week. It was no pain.

It was my first time I had an extraction. I was told the extraction was very painful by multiple people, so I was very nervous. But the whole process was pretty good. I did not know the teeth was already out. They gave me instructions after the surgery and some material to stop bleeding. I would able to eat that evening and feel nothing two days later.

To summarize: no pain!"

Regina P.

Review from Yelp

"New to the area and after having the same dentist my whole life it was finally time to look for a new one.

I got myself and my fiance a cleaning and consultation and we both instantly fell in love with Dr. James and his staff. Everyone here is super friendly and extremely gentle. Nelli takes care of any insurance questions you may have and goes over many details before you get your next appointment booked.

I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for friendly dental work."

Kimberly W.

Review from Facebook

"Office is beautiful. Staff is awesome and everyone is so nice. Never keep me waiting. And my teeth don't hurt when they clean them--even when I have been lax and haven't gone in a couple of years! Dr. Huang and team are top notch."

Megan L.

Review from Yelp

"I was in dire need of a dental check-up/cleaning so my sister found All-In-One on Yelp. We saw all the amazing review and thought, WHY NOT!!

Parking is pretty tiny but I don't think that this place gets PACKED since it's all just different types of practices.

This place is so updated and modern. I love it. It makes going to the dentist so much more fun. THERE ARE TV'S ON THE CEILING!! TO WATCH TV!! It was great. I love how open all the rooms are (floor to ceiling glass window on one side), it makes the place look less institution-y.

Now for the review of the actual cleaning. My lady was so nice. You can tell by her energy that she LOVED her job. She made the cleaning quick and painless. My teeth felt so clean after I left the office.

This is my new go-to spot!! I am so happy."

Jing H.

Review from Yelp

"Highly recommend Dr. Huang. I got my teeth cleaned here back in April 2016 and Dr. Huang told me that I didn't have any cavities. I recently moved out-of-state and getting braces put on in a couple of weeks. So for my own security, I decided to get my teeth cleaned again in June 2016.

My new dentist told me that I have 6 cavities and a tooth that needs a crown. I was so shocked, so I called Dr. Huang to confirm if I have any cavities. He not only looked at my old x-rays, he even offered to have my new x-rays email to him so he can take a look at the new one as well. Once again, no cavities and the tooth that needed a crown is under watch.

Afterwards I went to a third dentist to confirm if I have any cavities, the third dentist told me the same thing as Dr. Huang, that I don't have any cavities and the crown is not needed unless the tooth is bothering me. I really appreciate how helpful and willing to help Dr. Huang is."

Catherine B.

Review from Yelp

"I finally found a good dentist for our family. Dr. James can speak Chinese, this even A + for me. So far my 3 young kids like all the staff there and Dr. James.

I have been recommended All In One Dental to all my friends and happy to hear good review back. Happy teeth happy people with All In One."

Kris P.

Review from Yelp

"I hate making appointments to go to the dentist. I hate going to the dentist. But I love walking out with a slippery set of pearly whites. I swear All-In-One Dental has an identity issue - it thinks its a day spa! Seriously. Super clean and what i can only describe as serene inside.

Went in for general cleaning, and everyone from the front desk to my hygenist were genuinely very nice. In fact, maybe too nice. While my mouth was open and being stuffed with all kinds of stainless, she started to ask me a bunch of questions. Some i could nod to, but others required a more detailed response. I mumbled best i could. Ha

Anyway, got done pretty quick but i never felt rushed like at other places. Checkout was just as smooth as check in. They even got my daughter to get through the process without crying. How sweet."


Jasmine A.

Review from Yelp

"This review is LONG overdue. Dr. James and his staff are THE BEST and I have nothing but great things to say about them. They are warm and really take their time with each patient. Braces were on my dental plan and Dr. James was great. I was suppose to.have them on for 6 months and I liked them so much that I asked Dr. James if I can have them on longer :). After 18 months my braces came off and my smile is even better! Thanks Dr. James and team for being so awesome!!!"

Kayla M.

Review from Yelp

"You can believe me when I say that I HATE going to the dentist. But I actually like this place! (shocker) My dentist is Dr. Karen, and she is super nice and really cool. The place has a really good atmosphere and everyone was extremely friendly. I was happy to make a another appointment with Dr. Karen.

If you don't go here I don't know where else you would go!"

Martha R.

Review from Yelp

"Dr. Catherine and Jeanie were so nice. I love my dentist and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. The staff is great, the office is beautiful and they really care about giving good service."

Julie B.

Review from Yelp

"Love Dr. James. He is gentle and makes you feel comfortable and that was huge for me. The staff is all really nice so far too."

Ryan S.

Review from Yelp

"This office is like the Ritz Carlton of dentists. They can make crowns in-house with their 3D scanning camera then mill it for you in the same visit. It's one of the most amazing technologies I've seen. I was able to get a full crown procedure done in about 2 hours.  

They also have very fair pricing, as I pay without dental insurance. I've paid less here than in cheaper parts of the country and received twice the quality of service.

This is a prime dental service."

Donna H.

Review from Yelp

"I had two temporary crowns done today and must say I was very impressed with the quality of the work done. The staff is always upbeat and caring, and Dr. James is very gentle. The facility is top notch, very up to date with the latest technologies.  Having Saturday appointments is a great side benefit as I am not always able to get back to the valley during the week.

My husband and I highly recommend Dr. James especially if you need a little TLC for your dental needs."


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