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Want to achieve that perfect smile? Our Dublin office offers Fastbraces® as your solution.

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Gone are the days when once you reached adulthood and you were stuck with crooked teeth, something you may have felt was only correctable when you were a youngster. If you happen to live in the Dublin, CA, area and are one of many that suffer with crooked teeth, a solution awaits you with the treatment of Fastbraces®. Misaligned and crooked teeth no longer have to be a problem for adults. There are now different methods that are used to correct this. Your misaligned and crooked teeth no longer have to be a problem for adults. There are now different methods that are used to correct this.
Your All In One Dental specialist will be the one who will advise you as to the best treatment suited for your specific needs. If Fastbraces® is one of your options then you will be able to take advantage of a teeth straightening procedure that is effective and affordable. This is a unique treatment approach that has brought a great deal of success for many of those who live in the East Bay Area.

“This is a fantastic, clean and professional facility. The dentist does not try to force sell anything. Very pleased. It is really a breath of fresh air to be able to get work done without getting pressured. He is very gentle and he got rid of an issue that I had tried to get another dentist to do years ago and they wanted to do other stuff ‘first’. I can’t say enough good things about this provider. Highly recommend, and I hate dentists.” 🙂

Ginger B.

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Choosing your FastBraces® provider

While Fastbraces® has been proven to be a very successful treatment for crooked teeth it is highly important that the entire procedure is correctly performed. James Huang, DDS is a highly skilled and qualified dentist that has included teeth straightening as one of his services and specialties. He has achieved great results for many of his patients using the FastBraces® technology and has the experience and expertise needed for this type of treatment.


Learn More About How You Can Straighten Your Teeth

What are FastBraces®?

Fastbraces® were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces® is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.


Why are Fastbraces® a good choice?

While there may be other options for teeth straightening, not all of these options may be suited to the individual’s needs. In many cases based on the person’s circumstances, Fastbraces® can be an excellent choice of treatment. It is a technology that has been developed with safety being the priority. The approach is different in that the system torques the teeth to where they should be positioned. It is able to do this because it allows for root movement. Also, this technology has been utilized for over 25 years and is trusted.


Why you can trust Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® were not just put on the market as another form of braces simply to be competitive with the traditional style braces. They were invented with new technology to achieve great results with the end goal of having beautiful straight teeth in a much shorter period of time. This is one of the main reasons why so many of Dr. Huang’s patients have opted for this form of treatment, because of the process is much shorter. The design of these braces is revolved around a new concept and approach that the process of straightening the crown and positioning the roots can take place at the same time, not just in stages.


How do FastBraces® work?

FastBraces® has been designed to focus on the root of the tooth to get it in the right position. It accomplishes this with the use of a square wire that has been intricately shaped along with a special triangle bracket. This is a totally different approach when compared to how the traditional braces work. Conventional braces usually take about two years before they bring any kind of permanent results. Those braces work by focusing on the crowns of the teeth to encourage alignment which takes about one year.

The second year of treatment is usually required for root positioning to take place. There is no need for this length of time for results with FastBraces®, as results are often achieved within months, and noticeable differences can sometimes be seen within weeks. The reason for these speedy results is because the positioning and the alignment are taking place at the same time.

FastBraces® technology uses square braces instead of triangular and this allows for double distancing and increases the flexibility of the wire which can now be placed between the braces where it can work effectively on positioning the roots. In order to obtain the desired results, a retainer needs to be worn, but only up to 20 minutes at the most every day. This is just one of the great features about this form of teeth straightening treatment.


What are the benefits of Fastbraces®?

  • Extractions are rarely needed.
  • It minimizes the discomfort that can be created by crooked teeth.
  • It is a comfortable treatment to go through.
  • It is non-invasive and is only comprised of one wire.
  • The results are obtained within months and marked improvement within weeks.
  • It is an affordable treatment compared to other solutions.


Fastbraces® Highlights

  • FAST – Treatment time that is measured in months instead of years!
  • EASY – Retainers for only 15-20 minutes a day.
  • SAFE – Tested by leading Universities in the U.S., Europe, and South America.
  • QUALITY – The original, certified by the Inventor and made in the U.S.
  • SIMPLE – Almost always Non-Extraction treatment.
  • CLEAN – Possibly less decay around brackets due to short treatment duration.
  • CLEAR – Aesthetic ceramic brackets available with a tooth colored wire.



Are Fastbraces® less painful?

University research has shown that Fastbraces® Technology has low frictional forces, a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction and pain reduction with fitting front and back teeth together.


Do I have to wear a retainer?

With the complete alignment of the roots of the teeth, retention is needed every day for only 15-20 minutes (“Tooth Shampoo”). Some people like wearing the retainers at night (“Teeth pajamas”). No more retainers for hours during the day years after treatment. This is yet another reason why Fastbraces® technology is changing the way orthodontics is done altogether.


Straight teeth can prevent future problems

Aside from our teeth enhancing our appearance, they serve the very important purpose of allowing us to consume our food by chewing it so the body can utilize it. When teeth are crooked, it can prevent this from happening, because the teeth are not properly aligned for the chewing process. This can mean that food is not properly broken down in the chewing action and once swallowed it creates extra work for the digestive system to have to break the food down. It can also be uncomfortable when chewing and can sometimes cause irritation to the gums and interior of the mouth.

Another common problem that can occur with crooked teeth is that their positioning prevents proper cleaning and flossing. If this is severe enough it can lead to tooth decay. Then, of course, there is the psychological aspect of crooked teeth. Most who have this problem find that they are self-conscious about their smile even if their teeth are pearly white; the crookedness to them is a major flaw and one that they are always aware of. This can be really damaging to one’s self-esteem.


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There may be many reasons why you have put off having your teeth straightened. Take advantage of this opportunity to have Fastbraces® be an option for you! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Huang today at , or request an appointment online.


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