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If you are looking for a dentist and orthodontist and Dublin CA, there’s no need to go to the dentist’s office and then get a referral to see a separate orthodontist. Dr. James Huang at All-in-One Dental Innovations has the necessary training to provide high quality service in both dentistry and orthodontics in Dublin CA. As a top dentist and Dublin CA Orthodontist, Dr. Huang provides several different types of orthodontics to improve your bite and have you smiling with confidence.

As overall oral health habits improve across the country, more and more patients turn to dentistry for aesthetic reasons. However, dentists and orthodontists in Dublin CA can do more than improve the look of your smile. Correcting abnormalities in your bite (known as malocclusions) can improve the overall health and strength of your mouth. Jaw, face and bite irregularities can cause health complications such as strain on the gums and jaw, improper teeth cleaning and difficulty breathing. For this reason, the American Dental Association recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7 to maximize health benefits. Orthodontics, however, can be applied at any age. When seeking orthodontic treatment from a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA, there are several options you can pursue:

  • Traditional braces– Orthodontists have used braces to straighten patients’ teeth for decades, with fantastic results. Typical treatment lasts from one to three years. While braces are customarily metal, there are several varieties now available. Braces can be clear or tooth-colored and can even include NASA type wires that are heat activated and require fewer adjustments
  • Fast braces– Fast braces are another convenient option for correcting malocclusions. Not only do they preserve your natural bite, they are easy, safe and more affordable than traditional braces. Their lower frictional forces make for a more comfortable experience. Fast braces can improve your smile in as little as three months. After using fast braces, you can wear your retainer for just 15-20 minutes a day to preserve your new smile. Dentists have used fast braces for over 20 years to great success and, as a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA, Dr. Huang is proud to be a premier provider of this service. Be sure to enquire about fast braces for a more comfortable and affordable way to improve your smile—all the while preserving your natural bite!
  • Invisalign– If you wish to improve your smile but are uncomfortable with the look of braces, you may be a candidate for Invisalign. This orthodontics system fits you with a set of transparent aligners that gradually straighten your teeth over time. You will receive a new set of custom aligners every two weeks to give you the smile that fits you best. Dr. Huang is a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA who not only offers this service, but has used it himself with excellent results.

These are just a few of the options for Dublin CA residents who wish to straighten their bites and smiles. Speak to a dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA to learn more about your options with orthodontics.

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