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Sinus Lifts

How Dublin residents could benefit from a sinus lift.


When you pay a visit to your dentist in Dublin, CA., you may be quite surprised if they suggest a sinus lift. You might think it will require a different type of medical professional to fix.


All In One Dental Sinus Lift Services


A sinus lift is something that can be done by a qualified dental specialist that performs this type of procedure, such as Dr. Huang. A sinus lift is comprised by adding bone to the upper jaw where the molars and premolars existed. This procedure is also often referred to as a sinus augmentation. All In One Dental has helped many as a result of the sinus lift procedure. Let us help you.


What is involved during a sinus lift procedure?

The maxillary sinus resides on either side of your nose. What Dr. Huang will do is add extra bone between your jaw and the sinuses. Some of the sinus membranes will have to be re-positioned and lifted up before the bone can be added. Bone is added and membranes are re-positioned and lifted to make the sinus larger.


Why would a sinus lift be necessary?

Many times when an individual has lost teeth in the upper jaw area, they do not possess enough bone to be able to have implants done. This procedure is very different because the upper jaw doesn’t have nearly the amount of bone that an upper jaw contains. This will usually take place near the back teeth or the molars. Another reason that a sinus lift may be necessary is if an individual has suffered from gum disease and as a result, has suffered bone loss.

It is not uncommon for someone who has lost a tooth or many teeth, to suffer from bone loss because of the re-absorption of the bone back into the body. This happens once it doesn’t have the task of holding the tooth roots in place any longer. This is a very common occurrence with individuals that have been missing teeth for a long period of time.

Sometimes it can be simply because of the anatomy of the individual where the maxillary sinus is naturally positioned. It may be just naturally too close to the upper jaw, not allowing any room for an implant to be inserted. Every person is unique and the maxillary sinus is unique to each individual when it comes to its size, shape, and position.

As an individual gets older, their sinus also increases in size. This could also be another reason for a sinus lift to be performed.


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What is the procedure process?

Since new bone will be added, Dr. Huang will determine if the bone will come from your own body or from another source. Other places this bone might come from are: cadavers or from a cow bone. If the bone will be taken from your body, it will most likely come from other areas of your mouth, or it may also come from your hip area or your shin bone.

The procedure will begin with having the proper diagnostic procedures carried out such as x-rays and perhaps a CT scan. This will give Dr. Huang the necessary information in regards to the measurements that are going to be needed for the bone rebuilding in the area. The height and width of your current maxillary position will be important as it also allows the dental professional to gather information about the maxillary sinus and where the adjustments will be made.

The procedure requires an incision to be made in the area where the back teeth originally existed. When this procedure is performed, the bone is exposed and requires a small opening to be made. While doing this, the sinus membrane lining will be gently pushed up and moved away from the area that is being worked on.

The bone will then be added to the desired area. The area will then be closed up with stitches. The area will not be ready for implants until the area is completely healed. This healing process can take up to 4-9 months. The healing time can be shorter or longer depending on the individual and how their body responds to the work that was done.

One thing to keep in mind if you suffer from allergies is: this procedure will affect your sinuses and it is important not to do this procedure if you are having an allergy episode.


The expertise needed for a sinus lift

This is a type of surgery that is often done in the dental professional’s office but you want to be sure that you are having the procedure carried out by a dentist that specializes in this type of procedure like Dr. Huang. Dr. Huang has performed this procedure for many satisfied patients throughout the  Bay Area and has all of the expertise and education required for doing a sinus lift.

Dr. Huang will take you through the entire procedure from beginning to end, and will make sure that he carries out the follow-up examinations to track your progress so that you can be well prepared and ready for your dental implants. While the procedure is a very safe one, you want to be able to rely on the experience and expertise of a skilled doctor like Dr. Huang. Like any procedure, there are some risks involved.


What are the benefits of a sinus lift?

  • It prepares the area for a successful dental implant.
  • It allows the dental implants to perform at their best.
  • It is beneficial in strengthening the sinus wall.
  • It is great for creating the necessary space required for new upper teeth.
  • It creates more stability in the upper jaw as it is replacing lost bone.
  • It is a safe procedure and will not cause damage to the sinuses.


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