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In terms of dental care, health and functionality of the mouth, teeth, and gums are essential. For many, a beautiful, white smile is equally important. At All-in-One, we want to offer our patients the best in all dental care from general oral health and teeth whitening to oral surgery and cancer screenings. Your teeth and overall oral health is incredibly important and we make sure to protect it with detailed dental work that covers all the bases.

Our available services fall into a few different categories of dental work and range from routine exams to more invasive oral surgeries and treatments. We always want to offer our patients fantastic work in the least invasive way possible. Still, under the care of Dr. Huang, you can know that whatever may come up–big or small–he and his staff are ready with solutions. All-in-One has a comprehensive list of services and procedures to handle any need for patients of any age. If you have a dental emergency at any time, we can arrange for immediate treatment.

As we’ve mentioned, individualized treatment is an All-in-One goal. When possible, we believe that offering our patients a selection of cosmetic, restorative, and general dental options can allow us to find solutions that fit instead of tolerable fixes. Of course, not all dental treatments can offer a variety of customizable alternatives for every preference, but when we can offer choices and selection, we do! Services like teeth whitening, straightening, and replacement can be corrected in different ways and we are proud to offer diversity in our options.

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