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Dublin CA cosmetic dentistry is gaining in popularity. As oral hygiene is better than ever, more dental patients are focusing on caring for the appearance of their smiles. Remember, however, imperfections in our teeth can hurt more than our looks or self-confidence. They can also create problems with cleaning, chewing, and swallowing, that can lead to serious health complications down the line. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why many seek our Dublin CA cosmetic dentists as a mean of improving their smiles.

  • Malocclusions-Malocclusions, or abnormalities in our bites, can leave many dental patients feeling self-conscious about their smiles. Furthermore, they can lead to many of the health complications stated above. Luckily, our dentist and orthodontist in Dublin CA is an expert in many different alignment treatments such as invisalign, fastbraces, and traditional braces, which help straighten our teeth over time.
  • Teeth whitening and bleaching– Many of us wish for a brighter, whiter, younger smile without having to give up the morning coffee or weekend glass of red wine. (Rule of thumb: if it stains your shirt, it will stain your teeth.) While there are many over-the-counter products that promise us a whiter smile, the safest, surest treatment is through a professional setting, like our Dublin CA cosmetic dentistry office.
  • Composite fillings– If you have had many cavities, you may feel uncomfortable with the metal fillings in your mouth. Nowadays, however, there are tooth-coloured fillings, which blend with your teeth and create a more natural appearance.
  • Missing teeth– A missing tooth or teeth can lead to several painful complications, leave gums vulnerable to infection, and cause other teeth to shift. This can make for an unsightly appearance. Many who have lost a tooth and are concerned with appearances and oral health opt for dental implants from a Dublin CA dental implant specialist. Dental implants are fused to the jaw bone to hold firmly in place and withstand the weight of our bites.
  • Chips and other surface imperfections– When it comes to Dublin CA cosmetic dentistry, patients often turn to porcelain veneers to hide a chipped tooth, unsightly stains, or cracks in the surface of their teeth. Porcelain is a natural-looking material that gives our teeth a polished finished. Be aware, however, these veneers do not last forever.

If you are looking for excellence in Dublin CA cosmetic dentistry, and have experienced any of the concerns listed above, we are here to help. Our caring, professional team is happy to give you a reason to smile wider. Contact All-in-One Dental Innovations today to request an appointment, and attain your healthiest, most beautiful smile.


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