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Here at our dentist office in Dublin CA, we are excitedly preparing for the new year and all the holiday festivities. Many of us will partake of delicious meals and sweets that will be good to our palates but not necessarily our mouths. To protect our oral health over the upcoming festivities, we are following these guidelines and encourage you to do the same.

  1. Have an emergency dentist on call. Wine, hard sweets, chewy sweets and nuts abound during holiday festivities. All of these foods may be enjoyable but can cause serious tooth damage when not consumed carefully. If you are traveling, ask your dentist office in Dublin CA for a referral to a dentist near your destination. If you are celebrating the holidays in the Dublin CA area, ask your dentist office in Dublin CA if they are open on any of the major holidays. If not, ask them for a referral to a nearby dentist office in Dublin CA, so that you don’t have to wait for treatment if there is a dental emergency.
  2. Avoid stress. It’s no secret that the holidays are a hectic time, and can exacerbate nervous habits like nail biting and bruxism (teeth grinding). Keep yourself as relaxed as possible and try to distract yourself when you feel the urge to engage in some of these habits. Paint your nails with bitter tasting polish to prevent nail biting, or apply a warm washcloth to your jaw to relax the muscles and discourage grinding. You may also contact your dentist in Dublin CA about getting fitted for a night guard. To prevent damage from grinding while you sleep.
  3. Drink water. Drinks like wine can leave enamel-corroding acid on your teeth, while Christmas desserts can leave sugary residue that encourages bacteria. When you drink wine, avoid swishing it around your mouth. After wine or sugary food and drinks, have some water and swish it around to wash away the sugar. Additionally, you may chew gum, which will help produce saliva to further wash bacteria away.
  4. Avoid hard nuts and sweets. Chewing things like ice, hard candy, and nuts can crack or severely damage your teeth. Take advantage of the holiday nutcracker instead.
  5. Keep up with your dental routine. During this busy season, many of us become preoccupied and spend less time caring for our smile. Remember to continue to regularly brush and floss, and schedule appointments with our dentist office in Dublin CA twice during the new year.

This holiday season, remember that your smile is a great gift that can last a lifetime. Treat it with care throughout the season and resolve to maintain that smile in the new year. To learn more about caring for your teeth this holiday season, contact our dentist office in Dublin CA today.



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